History Documentary Secrets of the Dead -The Mona Lisa Mystery full HD english subtitles

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It is the most famous painting in the world, created by the hand of a genius, marveled at by millions every year in the Louvre in Paris. But could there be a second Mona Lisa? In 1913, an interesting portrait surfaced. It depicts a younger Mona Lisa in a slightly different setting and it’s left unfinished: the so-called “Isleworth Mona Lisa.” Is this the earlier version? There are only two contemporary references to the painting from the 15th century and both suggest da Vinci could have painted the woman in the masterpiece more than once. Now, using sophisticated scientific analysis, scientists will test both paintings to determine whether there is another Mona Lisa. Is the Mona Lisa the world knows so well the original version? Or did Leonardo da Vinci paint an earlier version of the iconic portrait? Or is it a cunning forgery painted by a fraud?
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National Geographic – Vampire Skeletons Mystery (Documentary)

Nowadays, vampires are a mainstay of TV, film and literature, but in medieval Europe they were a terrifyingly real prospect and omens of death and doom.
Taking the archaeological discovery of mutilated medieval skeletons buried in the west of Ireland as a starting point, Vampire Skeletons Mystery traces the rise of the vampire from medieval folk terror to 21st-century fantasy.
The fear of the undead seems rooted deep in the human psyche. But could a number of skeletons found buried in a quiet field really signal that vampires were once on the loose in Ireland?
Using medieval texts alongside cutting-edge forensic science, a team of experts from British and Irish universities explains how these ancient burials fit into a belief system that spanned medieval Europe and still survives in remote rural communities to this day.

Broadcast: National Geographic Tuesday 6 March at 9pm

No copyright intended, this video is strictly for educational purposes.
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