Reflection – The Forest Riddle

Reflection – The Forest Riddle

Reflection returns once again with his unique form of night-time psychedelic music, breaking the rules to push the boundaries of the psytrance scene. The Forest Riddle is a story about a lost soul trying to find it’s way through a chaotic world to find the answer to a riddle which has been kept from us for centuries. Can you figure out the riddle?

Is sound only sound if a person hears it? The most immediate philosophical topic that the riddle introduces involves the existence of the tree (and the sound it produces) outside of human perception. If no one is around to see, hear, touch, or smell the tree, how could it be said to exist? What is it to say that it exists when such an existence is unknown?

Mastered by Gibb Tartaris (Reflection). Artwork by Otkun.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.

Track Listing

01 – Circus Train (148 BPM)
02 – Demon Cave (149 BPM)
03 – Tree Grave (150 BPM)
04 – The Sirens Are Coming (151 BPM)
05 – Dark Souls (Part 1) (152 BPM)
06 – Chaotic Dimension (Part 2) (153 BPM)
07 – Raining Trees (Part 3) (154 BPM)

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