uDraw Game tablet with uDraw Studio: Instant Artist – Black – Nintendo Wii

uDraw Game tablet with uDraw Studio: Instant Artist – Black – Nintendo Wii

uDraw Game tablet with uDraw Studio: Instant Artist - Black - Nintendo Wii

  • Remmy, the game’s new 3D animated host, will guide players on their artistic journey
  • Three exciting modes of play: Art School (interactive tutorials), Art Play (freestyle), and Art Camp (variety of creative activities)
  • On-screen toolbox ensures that players’ favorite brushes and color palettes are always at their fingertips.
  • Robust & compelling suite of creative features and unique uDraw features including paint splat, tilt-control painting, and more
  • Extensive learning content provides value and benefit for Moms/Families
  • Bundle includes new black UDraw GameTablet and art software, UDraw Studio: Instant Artist
  • On-screen toolbox ensures that players’ favorite brushes and color palettes are always at their fingertips

The uDraw GameTablet comes to your Xbox 360 & PS3 video game consoles this fall! The only creative tool of its kind, the uDraw GameTablet offers endlessly imaginative gameplay, new functionality and hands-on fun including:

The black uDraw GameTablet/uDraw Studio: Instant Artist bundle is an unique way for players of all ages to creatively interact with each other and their Wiis. The wireless tablet has a tethered stylus and a 6″ x 4″ drawing area and integrates the Wii Remote into its design, drawing power from it. The drawing game uDraw Studio: Instant Artist leads players of all artistic levels in an exploration of the world of art that involves zero cleanup and allows them to save and share their work along the way. In addition to this included software, the uDraw GameTablet is supported by many existing games and others currently being developed that take advantage of its freehand input method, including: uDraw Pictionary, uDraw Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat among others

uDraw GameTablet Black with uDraw Studio: Instant Artist

The amazing game/art bundle for Wii, now with black peripheral.
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Discover Your Inner Artist

Connect with your Nintendo Wii like never before with the uDraw GameTablet – uDraw Studio: Instant Artist bundle. Now available in a stylish black finish, the uDraw GameTablet is a wireless sketch tablet with tethered stylus developed by THQ that allows players to draw, paint, sketch and more as it builds upon the innovative wireless functionality of the motion-sensing Wii Remote controller by integrating a removable Wii Remote (sold separately) directly into the tablet design. This integration opens up an entirely new line of gameplay and input options by allowing the uDraw GameTablet to track your drawing movements more accurately than ever thought possible, while still allowing easy access to Wii Remote buttons. Wii Remote integration also allows the tablet to draw just enough energy to power itself from the handheld controller, meaning less batteries to change and zero battery drain when the tablet is disconnected and not in use. In addition, added sensors in the tablet make the Wii Remote respond even quicker to the slightest movement, motion, or twist of the wrist, while the interactive pen enables you to intuitively connect with your television and games utilizing pressure and tilt-sensitive technology.

Girls playing with uDraw GameTablet Black for Wii

Connect your Wii Remote the to uDraw GameTablet to spark a whole new level of creativity in your children.
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uDraw Studio: Instant Artist Included

The uDraw Game tablet comes bundled with uDraw Studio: Instant Artist. With uDraw Studio: Instant Artist, players can now flex their imagination and enjoy the ultimate and true art creation experience in a game. Offering endlessly imaginative and immersive hands-on gameplay, Instant Artist takes advantage of all of the uDraw GameTablet’s features for Wii, including touch and tilt functionality, the enhanced pressure-sensitivity of the GameTablet’s stylus which allows for varied brush styles and more. In addition, uDraw Studio: Instant Artist introduces players to Remmy, their animated guide through the world of Instant Artist. Remmy walks them through the game’s numerous game modes such as Art School, Art Camp and Art Play.

Key Features

  • UDraw GameTablet
    • Wii Remote docks with the uDraw GameTablet and draws battery power directly from Wii Remote.
    • Offers players unique tilt movement options by capitalizing on the Wii Remote’s motion sensors. Players can control their characters, moving and directing them throughout levels of the game.
    • Pressure sensitive stylus features two buttons that mimic the C and Z buttons of the Wii Nunchuk allowing players easy operation with intricate movement capabilities.
    • Features convenient storage area for wrist strap and stylus, as well as ink well for quick storage.
    • A 4×6 drawing space provides users with plenty of creative room yet remains small enough for easy maneuvering.
  • UDraw Studio: Instant Artist
    • Animated guide, Remmy, guides players on their journey through the world of Instant Art
    • 3 ways to play
      • Art School – Start with the basics and work through Remmy’s 15 all-new art lessons, increasing in complexity with each successful completion.
      • Art Camp – Rediscover classic creative favorites, including number painting, dot drawing, coloring books, tilt-painting and more
      • Art Play – Jump into Art Play and engage in freestyle drawing, now with animated stamps, enhanced user interface and plenty of new tools
    • Touch and Tilt – From pinch-and-stretch zooming and freeform finger-painting to tilt-enhanced and motion-sensing activities, Instant Artist is loaded with exciting new features
    • Wireless Freedom – Players can create from the comfort of their favorite spot with uDraw’s built-in untethered connectivity
    • Easy Sharing – Use an SD card with Wii to share uDraw masterpieces with the world

Additional Screenshots

Drawing screenshot made with uDraw Studio: Instant Artist

Multiple draw modes.
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uDraw GameTablet Black for Wii

Distinctive black finish.
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Drawing screenshot made with uDraw Studio: Instant Artist

Inspire children’s creativity.
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Drawing screenshot made with uDraw Studio: Instant Artist

Use with additional games.
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List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 69.99

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