Ultimate Duck Hunting – Nintendo Wii Reviews

Ultimate Duck Hunting – Nintendo Wii

Ultimate Duck Hunting - Nintendo Wii

  • Multi-player Mode where you and a friend compete head-to-head on a split screen
  • Training Mode, a mini-game for training your dog
  • Hunt and retrieve ducks in six environments

Ultimate Duck Hunting, simulation game that features both shooting and retrieving. Choose your dog (yellow, chocolate, or black Labrador retriever) and train him to respond to your commands. Gear up with name-brand guns, camouflage, and decoys. Set up decoys, use duck calls, and become a crack shot (someone skilled in shooting) using the Wii Remote to aim and fire at mallard, hen, black, and teal ducks.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 13.95

Trauma Center: New Blood – Nintendo Wii

Trauma Center: New Blood - Nintendo Wii

  • Two Player Cooperative Play
  • All-New Story, characters and Operations
  • Fully Voiced dialogue where characters come to life and speak to you
  • Full 480p and 16×9 wide screen support
  • Online Score Ranking system

At a remote hospital in Alaska, Dr. Markus Vaughn and his partner Valerie Blaylock work in a non-political environment, working only to heal and affect lives in a positive manner. When the facility unexpectedly closes they are forced to return to Concordia Medical Institute, where politics are more important than patients lives, and doctors more concerned with image than their ministration. They are recruited into the government organization Caduceus, where they will learn of a conspiracy with dire ramifications, and their lives will be changed forever.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 8.50

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